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Mirror Images shows you how to take control of your happiness through conscious living using the unique process of Mirroring. In seven simple steps, the twins guide you along an eye-opening and transformational journey of self-awareness. The novel technique of Mirroring helps you discover the inaccurate hidden beliefs holding you back from feeling the happiness you have longed for and deserve. With this inspiring information, your pathway to consciousness will open, and your way of viewing yourself and others will change forever. With this fresh approach, prepare for a remarkable and transformational experience that will immensely improve your life and well-being. 

The companion workbook to Mirror Images: A Guide To Happiness Through Conscious Living takes you through a personal journey of self-discovery. In 30 Days to Greater Self-Awareness, you will learn to become self-aware and master the art of conscious living and the Mirroring process. The exercises empower you to understand yourself and others better and guide you to consciously participate in your life, leading you to greater happiness.

Self-awareness includes becoming aware of the false beliefs you have collected throughout your life that need release. This workbook removes those inaccurate layers, revealing a fresh perspective that allows you to see the genuine truth residing beneath. This authentic core is where you will find answers to your questions and where inherent joy, love, and peace are. Enduring happiness develops when you discover and reconnect to this inner place.

It takes time for your false beliefs to create, so it takes a period to deconstruct them. The internal review completed in this workbook supports this process. After completing the 30 days, you will be well on your way to understanding your true nature and discovering happiness that is genuinely unaffected by anything external.


What Book Reviewers' are Saying

*5 STARS *

"By exploring your interactions through the Mirroring process, you become a mindful participant in your life and initiate a journey of self-discovery." This is one of the most inspiring statements I came across while reading Mirror Images: A Guide to Happiness Through Conscious Living by Christine Lyric and Cheryl Lyric, which seeks to help people who find themselves in difficult situations that, at times, are impossible to get out of. Christine and Cheryl use their personal experiences to share insightful information by embracing courage as the key to ultimate freedom. In addition, it offers therapeutic advice for those seeking happiness. As you dig deeper, you'll learn about the mirroring process and its benefits. There is also information that relates to personal identity.

Freedom is not something we can take for granted. That's what Mirror Images stands for. Despite the struggle, I believe true happiness only lies within ourselves. As Christine Lyric points out, the roots of unhappiness can be traced back to a dysfunctional childhood. I learned that this is often influenced by choice. We choose to be happy or unhappy depending on how we perceive our reality. Christine and Cheryl Lyric use self-awareness as a means of personal transformation. By mirroring ourselves, we can understand the capabilities required to connect to our inherent state of inner happiness. I credit the authors for sharing such excellent information. This book complements the coming of a new age.

*Reviewed by Mariana Mukhebi for Readers’ Favorite*

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