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You Will Never See Love the Same Way Again

Embark on an extraordinary journey with Isabelle Amour in "Before You," a captivating novel that transcends the boundaries of love and personal growth. Isabelle's quest for an everyday life is anything but ordinary, blending the metaphysical with her desire for love. Join her on a rollercoaster of relationships and self-discovery, where age-old wisdom meets the nuances of modern romance.

Drawing from thirty years of spiritual exploration, "Before You" unveils universal insights on love, relationships, and life. Navigate the highs and lows alongside Isabelle as she discovers profound new-age perspectives, revealing the hidden whispers of inner guidance. This thought-provoking debut novel promises a transformative experience for readers who crave love stories intertwined with personal transformation. 


If you're seeking not just a love story but a soulful exploration of relationships, "Before You" is your invitation to unravel the mysteries of genuine love and self-realization. Brace yourself for a novel that will reshape your vision of love and life, leaving you forever changed.

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What Book Reviewers' are Saying

*5 STARS *

"After the breakup with Jake, Isabelle receives the horrible news that her father has suffered a stroke, and she flies to be with him in these final moments. Her father had unconventional beliefs and was also emotionally unavailable, something that affected Isabelle and her future relationships. Her first major relationship was with Ryan, whom she related well with because of their shared background, but things were not to be. Things with Jordan were a little better, but after his cheating and Isabelle's insecurities, things fell apart. Isabelle meets Gordon on a girls' day out, and the connection is very strong, but there is a problem: he already has a girlfriend. Will he leave his girlfriend for her? To find out how things turn out with Michael, whom Isabelle considers to be her soul mate, and other encounters, get a copy of Before You by Cheryl Lyric.

The unique writing style and the prowess in narration make Before You by Cheryl Lyric one of a kind. This page-turner captured my attention from the first chapter to the last, and I couldn't put it down once I started reading. I loved how vivid Cheryl is in the descriptions of the events, and in the emotions of Isabelle and other characters. The dynamics of the relationships are also very captivating. It made the well-developed characters relatable. The novel is also thought-provoking on several issues, such as societal norms, beliefs, and interpersonal relationships. The seamless flow of the events also added to the overall beauty of this marvelous work. I cannot wait to read something else by this talented author."

*Reviewed by Frank Mutuma for Readers’ Favorite*

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