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What would you do for love?

Isabelle Amour believes that falling in love is the key to escaping the painful prison of her past. But is she jumping out of the frying pan into the fire?

With an unseen thread guiding her, Isabelle takes a long journey and encounters lovers, challenges, burning questions, and inspiring revelations. What is love, why does she yearn for it so badly, and is there someone out there meant for her?

Her contemplative inquiries guide and steer her in the exact direction she needs to go. But will she ever find what she’s looking for, or is her invisible prison a life sentence?

Based on actual events, you can undergo your own metamorphosis as you walk hand in hand with Isabelle as she navigates the universal path to love and embarks on a profound transformational journey.

If you enjoy love stories, metaphysics, mysticism, and books that inspire, you’ll appreciate this thought-provoking debut novel. But be prepared for your vision of love, relationships, and yourself to be changed forever.

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Before You will be available November 30, 2023 in paperback and audiobook.

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